The important tasks undertaken by the appointed Property Manager is to set up a systematic approach for building management and maintenance of building.

building management photo 1

A well set up systematic building management and maintenance will
ensure the smooth operation of the building facilities and services at the
optimum operation cost.

  • Task 1 is to set up a suitable conducive Management Office to undertake the management and maintenance of the building.
  • Task 2 is to recommend suitable organisational structure and an adequate number of personnel.
  • Task 3 is to to design and implement the relevant policies and procedures for the property.
  • Task 4 is to prepare, review and implement standard operating procedures for the administration of the site office, site personnel, vendors and service contractors.
  • Task 5 is to formulate management and maintenance procedures to ensure efficient management and maintenance of the building.
building management photo 2

It is necessary to set up a property management office where the Property Manager can manage the site operations.

The Property Manager has the responsibility to ensure competent and skilled staff are employed and deployed according to the agreed appropriate organizational structure.

Building operational policies and systems ensure all aspects of building management, maintenance, repairs and supervision are undertaken within the parameters of the Client’s expectations.

It lays the foundation for the efficient carrying out of daily operational work. The Property Manager shall also liaise and co-ordinate with other consultants, external contractors and relevant Government agencies on maintenance and renovation works. Find out more.