behind the scenes jmb

Behind the Scenes of JMB

You might be interested in hearing about some of the behind the scenes images, humor stories and technology elements running the in background that help shape the overall experience. We would like to share more details about our daily JMB property management experience and how it operates.

Day in the life of Property Manager. We share with you behind the scenes of our work process, workspace, gear and resources.

Our daily stories and various elements captured in photography.


Building maintenance in progress at our site.

Repainting road curb. Better safety for our residents.


Check water tank level.

Paying utilities bills and fixing lights.


Fruitful and informative training session.

Getting ready for Annual General Meeting with our strata property owners.

fish pond maintenance

Facilities maintenance, upkeep of our site’s fish pond.

Checking the lift motor room. Saftey first.


Check fire fighting system. Safety first.

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