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Get insights and tips for property management from professionals across the country. Here we would like to share latest news and updates about property management, property valuation and real estate in Malaysia. Do feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and join our social media group. You can also chat and discuss some issues to keep updated within the property management network.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have compile a series of frequently asked questions (FAQ) list about Strata Community in Malaysia. These FAQ covers several categories and we have include the version in Malay language. Soalan Lazim Komuniti Strata merangkumi beberapa kategori. Read More

behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes of JMB

On this page, we would like to share more details about our daily JMB property management experience and how it operates. You might be interested in hearing about some of the behind the scenes images, humor stories and technology elements running the in background that help shape the overall experience. Read More

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