Property Valuation for various purposes as required by the client.


Valuation for Sale, Purchase of Investment, Auction, Mortgage, Credit Security, Fire Insurance, Liquidation, Receivership, Taxation, Property Valuation for Corporate Accounting and submission to the Securities Commissions Malaysia.

We also provide valuation and consultancy for Compulsory Acquisition, Compensation Claims including appearance as expert witness in judicial proceeding, Rental Reviews, ‘Going Concern’ Valuation and valuation for Rating purposes for Local Authority.

Malaysia Valuation Standards

MVS 2006

Malaysian Valuation Standards comes with seventeen standards and two introductory chapters.

The introductory chapter commences with definitions of terms and words used in the standards. This is to ensure that the terms are used correctly so as to minimize ambiguity.

The second introductory chapter is on general concepts and principles normally used in the valuation profession. Concepts are explained so that the valuer and other users of the standards are clear about the concepts and principles that are being used.

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